A place where kids can discover, learn and have fun

Let’s Pretend is a Role Play experience for young children, based in Nutfield, Surrey. Inside our large Play Barn, kids can explore our ten different play areas and let their imaginations run wild. There’s a Supermarket, a Café, Farm, Vets, Doctors, Construction Site, Theatre and Salon. We’ve even got a sensory area for the younger ones, and a pretend nursery for children to bath their toy babies and put them to bed.

Each area comes with its own themed dress up costumes and plenty of props to keep the little ones amused.

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Safety first

To keep our play centre safe for staff and customers, we have a number of safety measures in place.

We run three play sessions per day. Each play session lasts 2.5 hours and we leave time in between sessions for our team to clean the barn for our next group of customers. You’ll also notice our staff wiping down equipment during each session too. We have received so much excellent feedback for our hygiene standards from our visitors.

We have gone the extra mile by installing an advanced air purification system that removes viruses (including COVID-19) and other bacteria from the air using a proven technology that pulls in fresh air from outside. We are confident that this system makes Let’s Pretend one of the safest places to be with your children. Read more about the advanced air purification here.

Read more about our COVID safety measures here.

The Let’s Pretend Café

Our Café serves top quality tea, coffee, cakes, breakfasts and lunches. And our open-plan layout means parents and carers can relax at their table and enjoy some peace with children in full view at all times.

The Let’s Pretend Tea Time Club runs from Monday to Thursday on our 3.15pm session on a school day only (excluding holiday and half term dates). Children will be offered Sausage and Mash with vegetables and a Yorkshire pudding – all included in their entry price of just £12 per child. So they get 2.5 hours of play time with a full tummy at the end – and there’s no cooking or cleaning up for you when you get home. What could be more perfect?

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