A place where kids can discover, learn and have fun

We look forward to welcoming you to our Role Play experience for young children, where kids can explore our nine different play areas and let their imaginations run wild.

There’s a Supermarket, a Café, Farm, Vets, Doctors, Construction Site, Theatre and a Salon. We’ve even got a sensory area for the younger ones.

Each area comes with its own themed dress up costumes and plenty of props to keep the little ones amused.

COVID Safe and open 7 days a week, all year round

We have been following the government’s guidance on how to make our play centre safe for staff and customers and we have introduced a number of new safety measures.

We have had to reduce our capacity to 30 people including staff, for as long as the safety measures remain in place. We have also reduced the number of play sessions per day from four down to three but we have extended each play session from 90 minutes to 2 hours. The team then has a whole hour to deep clean the barn for our next group of customers.

In addition to the government guidelines, we have gone the extra mile by installing an advanced air purification system that removes the viruses (including COVID-19) and other bacteria from the air using a proven technology that pulls in fresh air from outside. We are confident that this additional measure, on top of what the government has asked for, will make our play centre as safe as it can be. Read more about the advanced air purification here.

Read more about our COVID safety measures here.

Great for grown-ups too

Let’s Pretend isn’t just for the little people either. We’ve got a lovely café designed with you in mind. Serving top quality tea, coffee, cakes and lunches – you’ll be able to relax and enjoy some peace with your children in full view at all times.

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